how does it work?

Your Cocktail Art will arrive pre-cut to 3” diameter to fit your glassware specifications and ready to serve.  Package contents include: air tight sealed icing images, instructions for use and storage.  To serve, remove icing images from foil sleeve.  Peel artwork from protective clear view plastic backing and place design center of blended or foam top drink.  Cocktail Art edible images are sugar based, completely edible, and may be consumed as cocktail garnish.  Edible icing images will dissolve into the drink.  How quickly the icing image will dissolve varies based on drink consumption time.  Estimated 30 minutes before beginning to dissolve when artwork is not submerged.



Cocktail Art is best served on top ice blended drinks, or egg white and non-egg white foam top drinks.  Cocktail Art, or “icing images”, is made of high quality sugar paper.  Drinks with ice cubes are not conducive for Cocktail Art as the icing image will not lay flat and may partially submerge the design.  Ice blended cocktails or drinks with cocktail foam create a more even surface and support for the icing image to lay flat.   


When & how will my order be confirmed?

Upon your expressed interest in placing an order (on-line, email or phone), you will receive a Cocktail Art Order Confirmation by same or next business day for your review and acknowledgement.  Please review for accuracy.  Your Order Confirmation will detail Cocktail Art design(s) specifications, color scheme, quantity and total charges including shipping & handling fees. 


what is the icing image size and recommended glassware? 

Standard edible Icing Image diameter is 3”. Icing image best fit is laying center of glass with estimated 1/8” between rim and artwork.

Consult with your catering or bar service professional to confirm appropriate glassware.
Common glassware types:
Martini or Coupe Glasses  
Old Fashioned or Rock Glasses  
Highballs or Chimney Glasses  



In order to estimate how many icing images to order, a typical bar service estimate used is 2 drinks the first hour and then 1 drink/hour after that, per guestFor most caterers and event bars, this number holds true, but pay attention to overall bar service offerings, age group, time of year, day of week, and type of party, to determine how you may want to adjust this number up or down.  Lean towards higher side for first time events to ensure you don’t run out.  See response below to “How Do I Store Icing Images and How Long Will They Last?”  



Yes! Cocktail Art may be shipped upon request.  Your order is shipped from our licensed shop in Mequon, WI.  Total cost of shipping is supplemental to cost of icing images.  Your Order Confirmation will detail shipping & handling cost, ship date and expected arrival date.  UPS Ground unless otherwise requested.  Picture of final presentation and carrier tracking # provided on ship date. 


What is it made of?

Sugar Paper (icing sheets)


How do i store Icing Images and how long will they last


Our icing images will maintain brilliant color and remain fresh by properly sealing in air tight foil zip lock bag provided at time of purchase.  Store at room temperature (60-75F).  Avoid extreme humidity.  Keep icing images in foil sleeve until you are ready to use it.  If icing images are left out of bag for extended period of time, icing sheets may dry and become brittle.  Keep flat and don’t put anything on top of it to risk damage.  Keep it out of direct sunlight or the colors may fade with extended exposure.  Our icing images remain fresh for up to 12 months if properly stored, but we recommend that you use within two months for the image to maintain print quality & sharpness.